luton vans for sale
luton vans for sale
luton vans for sale
luton vans for sale
luton vans for sale
luton vans for sale

Parcel Vans for Sale

Here at Maxi Mover we have an excellent range of new and quality used big parcel vans for sale, from big volume Maxi mover low floor which have a unique low loading floor level making on and off loading quick and easy, without the need of a heavy tail lift (giving you a much bigger weight carrying payload capability), to the traditional Dropwell Luton box vans for sale.

parcel-vans-for-saleThe Maxi Mover parcel van is available in 4.1 metre, 4.5 metre and custom lengths. With a low floor/loading height and large payload, the Maxi Mover Low Loader ticks all the right boxes for the parcel delivery and transportation industry.

The new range of low loader parcel vans for sale offer greater flexibility over the previous style of Luton box van. The lower floor height not only enables the user to walk-on and walk-off during the loading process, but also provides a bigger carrying capacity when compared against the traditional-style Luton van of the same length.

Low Floor Luton Box vans are fast becoming the preferred choice parcel van for delivery industry with users benefiting from increased fuel efficiency and low running costs.

New & Used Big Lo Loader Parcel Vans

We always have all makes and models of big low loader and Luton vans for sale. We network nationally so if we haven’t got the exact big van your looking for, we will quickly find and locate it for you. Our most popular makes and models of big van are:

  • Renault Master lo loader parcel vans
  • Citroen Relay low loader parcel vans
  • Fiat Low Loader Vans
  • Iveco Dropwell Luton parcel vans
  • Peugeot Boxer low loader parcel vans
  • Vauxhall Maxi Low parcel vans
  • Vauxhall Knee-Hi vans
  • Mercedes Sprinter Dropwell Luton


To find out about Maxi Mover parcel vans for sale, please call our Sales Team on 01673 863300 or Email Us to discuss how Maxi Mover can benefit your business – We’re here to help.