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High Performance Low Loader Van Conversions

We are impartial, we are independent, we are the manufacturer of the largest and most diverse range of low floor, low loader delivery vans in the UK. We partner with all of the leading chassis cab brand manufacturers along with world class chassis and material innovators. We specialise in multi brand low loader van fleet sales.

We’re not limited to one size fits all with just 1 or 2 standard off the shelf body size conversions like dealerships and finance brokers. We have the clear advantage of manufacturing our ultra lightweight professional model range on both the manufacturer low floor platform chassis cabs plus on our unrivalled advanced KOMAX chassis and cab configurations, this allows us to offer our customers over 150 body size variants with flexible wheel base, rear axel trak and suspension type dynamics. With all of our high performance conversions you get industry leading unrivalled cargo payloads, increased cargo volumes and ultimately maximum fleet efficiency, the envy of our competitors.

Understandably Maxi Mover low loader vans are the preferred choice to many of the UK’s leading transport, logistics, removals and distribution companies.


Expert Fleet Advice

With more than 300 years of combined commercial vehicle experience, let our expert fleet sales team do all the hard work, we will deliver on all fronts by taking the time to listen and understand your specific needs and requirements, asking all the right questions then working in partnership with you and your team to propose the best Maxi Mover low loader delivery van range for you.

To understand which is the most cost effective low loader conversion size and type, we have a focus on what we call ‘right sizing’. This means analysis of your current van and vehicle type and usage to understand how the job can be done more effectively by choosing the optimum Maxi Mover body conversion size, volume, payload and variant to maximise daily operational efficiency and ultimately reduce running costs – moving loads more for less.

Expert Fleet Finance Options

Every penny counts. In the demanding and competitive business world we live in today, it is not only essential that you choose the right vehicle for the right job, but also that you choose the best finance option to give your fleet the competitive advantage.

Being independent means that we work with all the leading national finance providers to give you the most competitive and best possible options available.

Fleet Optimisation

Maximum Fleet Optimisation & Profitability

By running three high performance Maxi Mover low loader vans instead of five standard off the shelf luton vans you will save on fuel, labour and operating costs and at the same time, you will reduce your environmental carbon footprint.

The easiest way of reducing costs in your fleet is to minimise the number of vehicles you operate. By choosing our flagship ultra lightweight Maxi Mover Qubemax, a perfect combination of the KOMAX chassis and a low loader conversion manufactured using advanced Hexlite material construction ensures your business maximises its fleet performance from day one.

By choosing and operating Maxi Mover low loader vans for your fleet you are guaranteed to deliver loads more on every journey, everyday. Every extra kilo matters, every single penny counts.

Low Loader Van
Fleet Sales

Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

The most effective way of calculating your current commercial vehicle fleet optimisation and operating efficiency is to carry out a comprehensive TCO or Total Cost Of Ownership analysis. In todays demanding business arena it is critical to continually assess all of your vehicle fleet operating costs, this quickly identifies where potential savings can be made.

To maximise your vehicle fleet efficiency it is critical that you invest in ultra lightweight premium quality fit for purpose van conversions so that you can collectively maximise cargo volume and payload. All low loader vans may look the same from the outside, a large white box with four black tyres, but only Maxi Mover conversions are manufactured using the latest advanced hexlite thermoplastic composite materials which offer unmatched payloads and ultimately maximise your fleet efficiency.

Savvy commercial fleet managers and owner drivers understand that fleet optimisation is so much more than just the lowest inital purchase price tag.

Fleet Sales Management
& Support

Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

With more than 25 years of commercial experience, our fleet sales team do all the hard work, we will deliver on all fronts by taking the time to listen and understand your specific needs and requirements, asking all the right questions then working in partnership with you and your team to propose the best option for you.

We’re driven by passion, commitment, excellence, its in our DNA, it sets us apart from our competitors. It’s not just about the initial purchase or the sale, at Maxi Mover we are with our customers for the whole journey, supporting and helping to keep their business on the road to success, we care, we make it happen.

We Are The One Stop Shop.

No Limits | Endless Possibilities

Time is money, time is precious, we’re committed to saving our customers time and money by offering a professional full end to end turnkey service all under one roof. We are the manufactuer, not a broker or dealer, we are fully in tune and aligned with our customers requirements and expectations, we understand their complete commercial vehicle needs and we deliver exactly what they want, when they want it, ready to go.

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  • Bespoke options
  • Rear Frame Options
  • Professional bodyshop & accident repair
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