How Hire Purchase Works

Firstly you choose the best fit van from our extensive new & used Maxi Mover low loader van model range plus any additional options or accessories you require. We will take your business details and complete a finance proposal form to submit to the best suited finance company, they will then consider your proposal and based on your credit score and finance history, they will then either accept or decline the application. You can then work out what your affordable monthly repayment budget is and decide a deposit and a repayment term to match. (The full VAT payment together with road fund license and first registration fee is the minimum amount of deposit required). Then throughout the term of your agreement you pay the regular monthly instalments until the outstanding value is repaid. When the full balance is paid you will receive title and ownership to your Maxi Mover.



The Benefits Of
Hire Purchase

  • VAT & road fund licence as deposit
  • Flexible monthly payment terms (12 to 60 months)
  • Fixed interest rate
  • No mileage restrictions
  • No damage charges

At the end of
your agreement

During the agreement, your Maxi Mover low loader van is owned by the finance company. When the term is complete, you have a guaranteed option to own the Maxi Mover. You do this by way of a simple final option to purchase fee, usually a couple of hundred pounds.

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Hire Purchase Helpful FAQ's

The best finance option for buying and owning your new or used Maxi Mover low loader van is by hire purchase. Hire purchase agreements are a great way to fund your new van. The interest rate is fixed, so you know exactly how much your monthly payment will be for the full term and with the Maxi Mover being yours at the end of the agreement, there are no mileage or usage restrictions to comply with.
Compared to outright purchasing your new or used Maxi Mover low loader outright, Hire Purchase is slightly more expensive due to interest charges on the balance. The hire purchase agreement is secured against the vehicle.
Yes, when you have fully repaid the full loan balance you can keep your Maxi Mover at the end of the agreement, there will be a small final 'option to purchase fee' to pay and then ownership and title will be passed to you
Yes, you have to be a VAT registered business. The minimum deposit for the agreement is all of the VAT however, you will be able to claim 100% of VAT back in your next VAT quarter
Hire Purchase is a finance option based around you owning your Maxi Mover when the final 'option to purchase' fee has been paid. This means at the end of the hire purchase agreement there are no costly mileage or damage penalties.

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Hire Purchase Your Maxi Mover

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We are the manufacture, we offer the largest range of ultra lightweight low loader vans in the UK . We always have a large range of low loader vans for sale and in stock which subject to approval are available for businesses to hire purchase. We offer competitive hire purchase options from over 45 of the uk’s leading finance providers on our complete range of conversions including the Renault Master FreightLOADER PRO & GT models, Mercedes SprintMAX GT, Vauxhall Movano QubeLO and our flagship Fiat Ducato QubeMAX low loader vans.

We’re not the UK’s number #1 low loader van sales specialists by chance.

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