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As the UK’s number #1 low loader van manufacturer we always have low floor chassis cabs available and in stock across all leading brand manufacturers. We have an excellent range of Maxi Mover low loader vans for sale which are either ready to go or in production.

Many of our Low loader van conversions which are currently in production or awaiting production can have additional options and accessories fitted from both our popular and bespoke options list.

Maxi Mover low loader vans are built for the only business that matters, Yours.


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Low Loader Vans In Production

Maximum Payloads, Increased Volumes & Optimised efficiency.

Maxi Mover are the original #1 low loader van manufactuer, We understand standard one size conversions doesn’t fit all. All low loader van conversions may look the same from the outside, a large white box with four black tyres but that’s where the similarity ends. The majority of low loader van conversions are made using old hat standard heavy materials which deliver low performance, low payloads and represent a poor return on your investment. Not Maxi Mover.

Average, OK, mediocre, are not words in our vocabulary, we are not interested in manufacturing standard off the shelf low loader van conversions using standard materials like our competitors. The Maxi Mover production teams have been working closely with a number of leading transport companies to understand and over come the challenges of low payload, low volume cargo conversions. We went to the drawing board together with individual industry engineers and leading material experts to find a cost effective solution. We started with a blank slate and didn’t stop until we had the blue prints for our new generation 2 unmatched high performance low floor loader van conversions.

Not all low loader conversions are equal. Every new or used Maxi Mover low loader van conversion is manufactured using the latest revolutionary HEXLITE thermoplastic composite material together with premium lightweight components to maximise payloads to deliver unrivalled performance for our customers and ultimately maximising their return on investment. Why would you buy or invest in a standard off the shelf low performance conversion when you can have high performance Maxi Mover low loader conversion.

Deliver loads more for less, the choice of professionals.

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