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Business Name: Legend Removals

I just wanted to say Thank you very much for acting very fast and saving me !

I had a nasty accident at 5pm on 7th of April… and instead of calling my insurers or police, I called Mark to ask if he can book me in for the repairs for the next day… I use my 26m3 Jumbo Maxi Mover simply on a daily basis, the van cannot be “sick” at all. Mark booked me in… I am waking up at 5am on 8th of April and driving from London to be in Lincoln at 9am. As usual nice atmosphere in the office, enjoyed nice coffees & biscuits… There was an office desk made available, where I could work on my computer, and a car to go for a lunch break. The van was ready for the collection at the end of the day, and I am back to London at 9pm with the van that is ready for the hard work !

I Kricecovs

Legend Removals

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