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Standard LutonLow Floor Luton
Average Payload850kg1100kg
Loading Height1100mm550mm
Tail Lift Capacity500/750kgNot Required
Tail Lift MaintenanceEvery 6 MonthsN/A
Tail Lift LOLER InspectionsEvery 6 MonthsN/A
Average Volume14m319m3
Internal Cargo Length (m/ft)3.8m (ft)4.2m (ft)
Internal Cargo Height (m/ft)1.8m (ft)2.1m (ft)
Internal Cargo Widths (m/ft)2.1m (ft) (ft)2.1m (ft)
Suspension TypeLeaf SpringLeaf Spring
Air Suspension
Torsion Bar Suspension
Average MPG22mpg28mpg

STD Platform Chassis Vs ProMAX HDX Chassis

The standard type RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) Luton van has been in production since the early 1900’s when motorised commercial vehicle transport began. The chassis design and limitations have remained almost the same. Even today, the same leaf spring suspension system is used on standard type Luton van and FWD (Front Wheel Drive) low floor platform chassis conversions. Only the Maxi mover ProMAX range uses the latest advanced independent torsion bar suspension.

Evolution & Development

The many limitations of standard Luton vans have been overcome with the introduction of the low floor chassis. Today, low floor Luton vans are becoming the industry standard. They are often the preferred choice for many of today’s transport and logistics companies. Low floor Luton vans still have a number of limitations, however the Maxi Mover ProMAX range has continued to evolve ensuring that all our vans deliver MAX Payload, MAX Volume, MAX Profit & MAX Efficiency.


The low floor Luton van does not require a tail lift (although Maxi Mover do offer tail lift options) nor the continual expense of maintenance and LOLER testing as needed on standard Luton van conversions with tail lifts. The other significant benefits are increased payload, lower loading height and increased fuel efficiency.


The low floor Luton van conversion’s benefits far outweigh those of standard Luton van conversions. The research and development team at Maxi Mover work tirelessly to maximise low floor Luton van performance. Maxi Mover’s ultimate, class-leading, lightweight low floor ProMAX range has been developed using the latest advanced chassis technology, delivering unrivalled payload and driving dynamics compared to the standard low floor platform chassis as used by our competitors.

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