Coastways and Maxi Mover keeping Ireland moving.

Coastways Removals and Storage, Belfast, were exploring innovative & strategic ways to modernise their fleet and revolutionise urban removals.

Dominic Murray, Director of Coastways, explained “We needed greater flexibility from our fleet. Our vehicles mostly operate in busy, built up residential areas where turning space and maneuverability are paramount.

Our fleet were oversized and inefficient for the job. Bigger heavier vehicles can stop the free flow of city traffic in narrower residential streets. We then run a higher risk of frustrated road users and residents, not to mention damage to our vehicles. Put it this way, our 18t stood no chance, our 7t was better sized, but stood a chance of breaking mirrors. The logical move was to downsize to 3.5t, but we didn’t want to compromise on payload or volume.

We wanted more than a standard 3.5t could offer – that’s why we went to Maxi Mover.

Our new Maxi Mover was bespoke built to order so not only could it accommodate our 250ft3 storage containers (due to wider rear axles), but it could also be driven on a standard car licence. We felt that a Maxi Mover would not only save us money but give us the competitive edge when it came to town and city removals.”

3.5t vans are proving more and more popular in the removals industry not only to overcome the challenge of navigating towns and cities but also to keep their businesses efficient.

Many removal companies continue to struggle with the availability of HGV drivers due to the national shortage. On top of that, there are no restricted operating hours or C.P.C. requirements as attached to HGV vehicles.

Mark Harris, Fleets Sales Manager at Maxi Mover answered “We understand that fleet needs of the removals & storage industry are changing.”

“Dominic came to us with a problem that we are seeing increasingly often. He wanted a better balance of vehicle size to payload and the ability to move about Ireland’s busy streets and built up areas easily and effortlessly.

Our Maxi Movers are designed and built to optimise your experience and reduce your risks on the road.”

A 3.5t can be a great alternative to your HGVs if you are looking for a vehicle that’s better for the environment, runs on a standard car licence, reduces congestion, makes better use of size and payload and moves effortlessly through residential and city areas. Plus you’ll no longer need to worry about tachos or costly tests.

That’s why we set industry standards by heavily investing in advanced lightweight low-floor build technology. We work hard to ensure you can have it all; payload, volume, build quality, low emissions, limitless load options… whatever you need. Maxi Movers are designed and built for the only business that matters – yours.

Give us a call today 01673 863300, we can help you to optimise your fleet by working with you to design & build a vehicle that matches your business needs perfectly – keeping you moving forward.

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