How Contract Hire Works

At the start of your agreement you choose which Maxi Mover low loader van model is best for your requirement, plus any additional optional extras, then calculate what you annual mileage will be and what term you would like to hire the van for (12 to 60 months). You then pay an advance rental upfront. Your monthly rentals are based on the difference between the initial value of the vehicle and its projected residual value at the end of your agreement. All contract hire payments are plus VAT.

The benefit is only a proportion of the vehicle’s value is repaid, which avoids a large initial expense and keeps monthly payments lower. With a Contract Hire agreement, you can choose from the Full Maintenance with servicing and tyres option or with No Maintenance options.

At the end of the agreement your Maxi Mover will be off hired and subject to an inspection by the finance contract hire provider with potential costly cosmetic interior and exterior repair costs plus any over mileage charges, so it is advisable to return your contract hire vehicle in the original condition or allow for refurbishment costs in your budget.



Contract Hire
Features include:

  • Low initial deposit
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Road fund licence included
  • Optional non maintenance or full maintenance contracts including servicing, maintenance and
    tyre options
  • Tax efficient you can claim 100% of the VAT 

At the end of
your agreement

Simply return your Maxi Mover, the finance company will carry out an inspection and invoice you direct for any for any interior or exterior damages in line with BVRLA standard vehicle return standards, plus you will be liable for any over mileage charges

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Contract Hire Helpful FAQ's

Contract Hire allows you to get the latest brand new Euro 6 ULEZ compliant Maxi Mover low loader van at a lower initial deposit rate than a hire purchase agreement. The benefits of Contract Hire include:
  • The initial deposit is lower.
  • Your road fund licence is included.
  • You can add servicing, maintenance and tyres
  • Your monthly vehicle payments can be offset against taxable profits
  • The vehicle isn’t shown as a liability on your finances.
  • VAT efficient – businesses are able to claim 100% of the VAT back for business use.
Contract hire companies will charge you for any damage that is over “fair wear and tear”. This would be determined under BVRLA’s guidelines. You have to accurately estimate your annual mileage otherwise you’ll be liable to pay excess mileage fees.
  • You don’t have the option to purchase your Maxi Mover van at the end of the contract.
  • With contract hire, you simply hand back your Maxi Mover at the end of the contract, leaving you free to contract hire another brand new Maxi Mover low loader van.
    Yes, you have to be a VAT registered business to contract hire a new Maxi Mover low loader van
    Yes, there are mileage restrictions with Contract Hire, you agree these at the beginning of the agreement. It’s very important to give an accurate estimation of your annual mileage so you are not faced with costly over mileage charges at the end of the term.
    Yes, if you find your self using your new Maxi Mover more than you initially anticipated and your transport and mileage circumstances change you can re-negotiate new terms with the contract hire company
    No, road tax payments for Maxi Mover low loader vans are charged at a standard rate. Road tax fees are included with your monthly payments
    Yes, you can extend your contract hire term, simply contact the contract hire provider and re-negotiate new terms
    You must be at least 18 years of age and a registered VAT business. All finance companies will need a copy of your driving licence.
    Maxi Mover require an initial £2,000 chassis allocation deposit to reserve your van before the build stage. This will be returned to you, minus any charges, on delivery or handover.
    Contract Hire is a good option for business who want all the advantages of using a brand new Maxi Mover low loader van, with a low initial deposit and no future maintenance or servicing costs. Contract hiring your Maxi Mover will allow for a better cash flow.The only requirement at the end of the contract hire agreement is that your Maxi Mover is returned in a fair condition with the agreed mileage.
    Yes, every contract hire agreement will require credit check. However every contract hire provider will have different criteria and requirements, so Maxi Mover will do the leg work to find the best contract hire company for your business
    We have a bank of over 45 finance providers, the time taken for a credit check will differ between them. Usually for contract hire under writing it takes between 24 to 72 hours. It will also depend on your past and current credit history.
    Credit checks for any finance application will leave a digital footprint on your credit. However, this footprint does not record the outcome of the credit check. Usually, your credit will only be affected if there are many repeated checks over a short period of time.
    This completely depends on your credit history. Maxi Mover use a range of finance lenders who will do their best to get your application accepted. The actual acceptance of an application is down to the discretion of the finance company.
    Our sales account manager will email you a simple finance proposal form to complete, we will then forward your details to our bank of contract hire providers for underwriting, if accepted they will offer you a contract hire offer
    No, the Maxi Mover low loader van will remain the property of the contract hire company during the whole agreement.
    You simply arrange a time, date and place for your Maxi Mover to be inspected by the contract hire company and you will be responsible to pay for any over mileage or damage repair charges
    No, you cannot own the Maxi Mover with contract hire
    Yes, you are responsible for all parking fines and penalties. All parking fines are given directly to you rather than to the contract hire provider, all speeding fines will be sent to the contract hire provider as they are the registered keeper until the end of the agreement. They will pay the speeding fine and pass the details on to you. As standard there will be an additional administration will be
    When you Contract Hire your new Maxi Mover, you will have the option to include servicing, maintenance and tyres packages for an additional monthly fee.
    In the unfortunate case your Maxi Mover is involved in an accident, you will need to call your insurance company first as they will need the full information of your accident. Maxi Mover customer service team will their best to provide any support or assistance you require. It is important to note that you have a right to choose where and how your Maxi Mover low loader van is repaired. Your insurance company may try and convince you to have you van repaired at their bodyshop, but this is unlikely to meet the rigorous standards of service and quality we offer at Maxi Mover and it may invalidate your warranty.
    Contract hire providers will charge a fee for any damage or imperfection that is above “fair wear and tear” under BVRLA’s guidelines. If your Maxi Mover low loader does suffer any damage before your term is up, it is advisable to get this damage repaired before returning it. At Maxi Mover we have full body shop facilities and we offer a refurbishment service if required.
    Maxi Mover are the manufacturer and we offer a range of factory fitted options and accessories which you can include within your contract hire agreement.From our one stop shop we offer popular options including loading ramps, reversing cameras, sign writing plus bespoke options which include tail lifts, curtainsiders, temperature controlled chiller units and cavity bead van conversions. They can be included with your contract so you can spread the cost and pay monthly.

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    We are the manufacturer, we offer our customers a complete range of class leading low floor low loader van conversions including bespoke conversions from our unrivaled Konstructor range, these include low loader tail lift vans, low loader curtainsider vans and big volume low floor cavity insulation bead vans to name just a few. Subject to approval all of our Maxi Mover low loader conversions are available for contract hire finance. From our factory we offer our customers a complete one stop shop turn key solution so you can collect your new Maxi Mover van exactly as you want it, fit for purpose and ready for work.

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