Chassis Type4.5M Industry Standard Platform4.5M Maxi Mover ProMAX HDX Chassis
Maximum PayloadUp To 1250kgUp To 1450kg
Loading Height550mm550mm
Size Variants27
Tail Lift MaintenanceN/AN/A
Tail Lift LOLER InspectionsN/AN/A
Maximum Volume21m328m3
Internal Cargo Length (m/ft)4.5m (14ft 9″)4.5m (14ft 9″)
Internal Cargo Heights (m/ft)2.5m (8ft 2″)2.1m (6ft 10″) – 2.7m (8ft 8″)
Internal Cargo Widths (m/ft)2.1m (6ft 10″)2.1m (6ft 10″) – 2.3m (7ft 6″)
Suspension TypeStandard Leaf Springs or Air SuspensionHeavy-Duty Uprated Torsion Bar or Air Suspension
Average MPG28mpg28mpg

ProMAX HDX Chassis vs Low Floor Platform Chassis

The many limitations of standard Luton vans have been overcome with the introduction of the low floor chassis. Today, low floor Luton vans are becoming a popular option, as seen on the UK roads, and the preferred choice for many of today’s transport and logistics companies. This is because of the ease of loading, improved driving dynamics and no requirement of a tail lift, along with all of the expenses that come with them.

Standard low floor platform chassis are available in a limited number of size variants due to the wheelbase they are built on. They are also very heavy when compared with to ProMAX HDX chassis.

Comparatively, the ProMAX chassis is available in a range of wheelbase options which allows you to achieve a bespoke volume and a minimal rear overhang which ensures your Luton van is stable and your cargo weight is spread evenly across all axles. These reasons, amongst many others, allow Maxi Mover to offer the MAX payload, MAX volume and MAX efficiency for any business operating with Luton vans.


In Summary

The low floor Luton van conversion’s benefits far outweigh those of standard Luton van conversions. They do not require a tail lift, nor the continual expense of maintenance and LOLER testing as needed on standard Luton van conversions with tail lifts. The other significant benefits are increased payload, lower loading height and increased fuel efficiency.

The research and development team at Maxi Mover work tirelessly to maximise low floor Luton van performance. Maxi Mover’s class-leading, lightweight low floor ProMAX range has been developed using the latest advanced chassis technology, delivering unrivalled payload and driving dynamics compared to the standard low floor platform chassis as used by our competitors.

Why The ProMAX Range is so much better:

BIGGER PAYLOADS – Up to 1600kg

The ProMAX range offers unrivalled payload capacity – this is achieved from the ground upwards. A combination of our advanced, lightweight ProMAX HDX commercial chassis constructed together with the very latest design principles and ultra-lightweight material technology. APPLES FOR APPLES.

Chassis typeBody SizePayload
ProMAXMaxi Mover CityMAX 4.1m x 2.5m1500kg
PlatformMaxi Mover Enterprise 4.1 x 2.5m1300kg
PlatformCompetitor 4.1 x 2.5m1100-1250kg



Chassis typePlatform ChassisProMAX
Wheel BaseFixed Wheel BaseFlexible to suit in Length & Width
Rear OverhangFixed Wheel BaseLonger Wheel Base, Reduced Overhang
Bulkhead to Wheel ArchFixed Wheel BaseLonger Wheel Base, More Usable Space
Rear Axle OverloadingFixed Wheel BaseLonger Wheel Base, Reduced Overhang, therefore better Axle Weight Distribution

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