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Our mission at Maxi Mover.

We’re committed to adding real commercial value to our customer’s businesses by increasing payloads to the maximum, so that they can deliver more for less.

It’s the reason our research and development team work tirelessly to find the latest advanced ultra-lightweight, ultra-strong materials. The reason why our production team are relentless in their search for ways to innovate our build processes. Why we invest in the best methods for our manufacturing processes, rather than using old-hat techniques and materials. This allows us to provide industry-leading payload and volumes, as seen below on a 4.5m low floor van.

All the efforts we make every day have allowed us to manufacture the lightest, strongest and most efficient low floor Luton vans available for businesses today delivering maximum return on investment.

As we exclusively manufacture low floor Luton vans, we devote every minute of our time and attention to this class of vehicle. This committed focus has allowed us to understand every aspect of what makes the ultimate light weight commercial vehicle range.

We’ve applied this winning formula to the much-loved Mercedes Sprinter.

We have created the most efficient Sprinter on the road today. Our SprintMAX offers an increased payload, increased volume, better fuel economy and reduced emissions over the standard Luton body Sprinters – all while being officially VCA approved.

One of many of the reasons fleet managers choose Sprinters is for their unrivalled support and backup service.

Mercedes offer 24/7 Mobilo mobile technician support and fix upwards of 80% of vehicles at the roadside to keep your business moving.

Businesses in 2024 are looking for marginal gains to improve their day-to-day business operations.

The effect of a marginal gain is compounded by the number of vehicles in a fleet, which results in a massive impact from seemingly small changes. Maxi Mover keep this fact in mind in order to offer the most effective solutions for any removal transport or logistics company.

For example, we’ve recently helped a customer who had a fleet of standard tail lift Luton vans for their removals, as many companies still operate. Because of health and safety regulations imposed on the safe use of a tail lift, their loading time took 30+ seconds for each item. This added up to a lot of wasted time per day. They made the switch over to our low floor ProMAX range and were able to cut their loading time per item down to 5-10 seconds; entirely because of the lack of a tail lift.

This resulted in more than a 66% increase in efficiency for each removal item.

This is the kind of value we strive to add to every single one of our customer’s businesses.

Although businesses operating in the removal industry are making the move over to low floor Luton vans, there are still thousands of companies that haven’t made the switch.

We work hard to ensure you can have it all – payload, volume, build quality, low emissions, limitless load options… whatever you need.  Maxi Movers are designed and built for the only business that matters – yours.

Not all Luton vans are the same. Discover the difference by giving us a call on 01673 863 300 to see how we can help your business make the right choice.

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